What I liked best about the workshop was that it seemed like a discussion more than a lecture – made it more interesting, friendly and approachable

Course Attendee - Darlington

I found the workshop explained a lot about what it is like to work with cancer patients, and all over awareness about the benefits of what we can do to support cancer clients and carers

Course Attendee - Darlington

Excellent information shared giving confidence to work within an integrated setting

Course Attendee - Darlington

What I liked best was the discussion and quantity of information

Course Attendee - Darlington

I loved all of it

Course Attendee - Darlington

The cancer care workshop really reinforced the awareness that therapies are very effective and have a massive role to play in cancer care – both for carer/relatives and the patient

Course Attendee - Darlington

What I liked about the workshop best was the encouragement and belief . It gave me a new awareness overall

Course Attendee - Darlington

The workshop has made me more knowledgeable, I now feel a lot more confident and comfortable

Course Attendee - Darlington

Fantastic Cancer Care workshop today. Marie is very friendly & approachable. Course was interesting & informative. Thanks Marie x

Natalie Grant

Attended a workshop in Brisbane with the Reflexology Association of Australia. Fantastic, Marie is a dynamic presenter with true skills and deep compassion. Thank you.

Jesse Woodside

Amazing training session drivered with a wealth of knowledge!

Samantha Jane

Attended the Cancer Care workshop today in Skipton and it’s one of the best courses I’ve done. Marie is just amazing. Very warm, friendly and knowledgeable.

Linz V Coupe

Thank you Marie, excellent cancer care work shop today in Durham, lots of really good info I can put into practice, very enjoyable, feeling motivated!

Sarah Hunt

I attended Marie’s course yesterday in Norwich ‘Cancer Care Workshop for Reflexology, Reiki & Massage Practitioners’. It was absolutely fantastic. Marie is so passionate about the power of complementary therapy and its benefit in helping people who are suffering with this terrible disease and how it can really help carers too.
With her extensive knowledge & experience she has given me the confidence to offer treatment to clients who are going through treatment for cancer or who have finished; being able to offer them some comfort & relaxation during a challenging time both emotionally & physically.
Thank you Marie, it was such a pleasure to meet you.


Sharon Grady